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    SaneDesk initially creates four workspaces. Each workspace can host any number of icons and has its own background. All your icons are initially assigned to the first workspace.

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    If you switch to any other workspace you will see no icons - none are assigned to that workspace yet. Since you didn't set background image yet, all workspaces look alike.

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    Use SaneDesk menu to navigate around. Set workspaces so they fit your needs. Create new ones, rename or remove existing ones.

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    Back to primary workspace. All icons are still there. Grab any number of them, drag them to SaneDesk menu bar icon, wait for drop zone popover to show, drop them to any other workspace to assign them there.

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    Turn on 'Handle Background' in preferences and you can set individual background for each workspace. What a great way to see where you are at, at any moment!

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    From desktop mess to desktop sanity in a few easy steps. Done. Workspace change is complete change of scenery, making you more focused and more efficient.

SaneDesk | Missing Layer of Sanity for Your Mac Desktop

Safety First

SaneDesk does not modify, move or copy your desktop files and folders at all. As soon as you exit SaneDesk, all files and folders will be visible again, no matter to what workspace they were assigned. You can even open file that is assigned to some other workspace, using recent files list from any application. If you use SaneDesk your files and folders remain completely safe.

SaneDesk Wallpaper

We received many requests to publish SaneDesk themed wallpaper. So here it is:

16:9 .PNG    |    16:9 .JPG    |    16:10 .PNG    |    16:10 .JPG

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